Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Preserving Images for Future Generations

Post Author:
Sara Campos Saak

Working at iPrintfromHome.com, you would think I print my images regularly. The truth is that I do, but not as much as I should.

Back in 2012, I attended a presentation by Joe LaBarca, president of Pixel Preservation International, a group that recommends printing digital images as the most effective way of preserving images for future generations.

Walking into the presentation, I wasn't expecting to hear anything earth shattering, or even expecting any bit of news that would alter my habits. I mean, I know prints are great - I run a printing company with my Dad; clearly, I know the benefits. I didn't think I needed any further convincing. To my surprise, I found myself sitting there thinking, "Man, this guy is right. I have to start printing more."

The idea he presented was so simple and so obvious that it immediately struck a chord. The best ideas always seem to fit this description: simple and obvious.

The most important set of images in my life right now are my wedding pictures. I got married in August 2011. My photographer gave me a few discs containing approximately 1300 images. I immediately backed them up on my home computer and uploaded them to iPrintfromHome.com. My photographer also gave me a wedding album, featuring about 100 of those images. Before hearing this presentation, I was pretty comfortable with the storage of my images, confident that I could access them when needed.

Then Joe started talking about floppy disks. I remember those. I bet you do too. It wasn't actually too long ago that I was using them actively, maybe in the last 15 years or so. If I found one of my old disks today, I wouldn't have any idea how to access the files stored within. If my future grandchildren found one, they likely wouldn't even recognize it.

As he was talking, I remembered a rumor I had heard indicating that Apple was going to start making computers without optical drives, which read CDs and DVDs. Turns out that's actually true, right now. If you buy a new MacBook Pro, you will not have an internal optical drive, meaning without the purchase of an external drive, you will have no way to read CDs and DVDs on your computer.

Enter Joe's first simple and obvious message: Technology is constantly changing. What is useful today will be obsolete tomorrow. Sometimes, tomorrow comes quicker than you think.

Suddenly, those discs of wedding pictures, my computer backup, and my upload to iPrintfromHome.com didn't feel as safe as I thought they were. Here's where I had that 'aha moment' I talked about earlier. To my surprise, I found myself sitting there thinking, "Man, this guy is right. I have to start printing more."

 I am in love with ALL of my wedding pictures, all 1300 of them. I want to preserve them, not only for my own enjoyment, but also to share with future generations of my family. We're all in those pictures. Me, my husband, our parents, our grandparents, great aunts and uncles, friends, neighbors. Those pictures mean the world to me. If I want them to be available in 20 years, I have got to save them in some other way.

Enter Joe's next simple and obvious message: Photographic Prints last a really long time (one hundred plus years) and they do not require the use of any technology but the human eye to be read. If you can see, and you're not in the dark, you'll be able to read a photographic print today, tomorrow and 100 years from now. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, memory cards, etc.

If you have images that are important to you, that you want to have access to in years to come, you've got some decisions to make. (A) You can vow to stay up to date with current technologies, making sure to move your images from CDs to memory disks, to external hard drives, to clouds, to whatever is next. (B) You can print them using professional quality archival materials and then store them properly. (C) You can do both.

What images are most important to you? Where are they sitting right now? Will future generations have access to them? Will you be able to access them in 20 years?

I bet you already know where this is going...I went home and printed all my wedding pictures. I'll describe my process in a little more depth in the following paragraphs to help anyone interested in doing the same. Read on if you'd like to hear more about my decision making process and the resources I used.

The first decision I had to make was the size and the surface I would use for my prints. I knew I wanted to go with the Lustre Photographic Paper (less prone to finger prints than glossy), but I wasn't quite sure about the size.

My dad suggested 8x10s, but I didn't want such a huge stack of prints. I knew I wanted to print 4x6 or 5x7 and then store them in some sort of binder. All of my images were saved in proportion to 4x6, which means that I could print at that size without having to worry about any cropping. I ran 10 test images through iPrintfromHome.com, one set in 4x6 and one set in 5x7. When I ordered the 5x7s, I reviewed each image on the "View/Edit Order" screen to ensure that I was satisfied with the cropping.

I also ordered two packs of Archival Print Preservers from Print File (www.printfile.com) - one that held 4x6s and one that held 5x7s. I put my test prints in their respective Print Preservers to see which size I liked best. I ended up going with 5x7, because I liked the layout of the Print Preservers better and I wanted to have access to the bigger print size. This way, if I decide to scan any of the images later, I'll be working with a larger source image.

In addition to selling Print Preserver sheets, Print File also sells binders, albums, boxes, etc. I decided to go with an oversized, 2 1/2" D-ring binder...remember my goal is to effectively store and preserve my images, not necessarily to make something pretty. I already have my gorgeous 12x12 wedding album from my photographer. For this project, I'm not really worrying about pretty covers, designs, etc.

Once I knew the size, surface and storage method, I got to work ordering prints, sleeving them and tucking them away in my binders. Now, I am confident that I have backed up my images safely, the best way that I know how, and I'm not too worried about the future of DVDs or the lifespan of my home computer.

An unexpected bonus was the pleasure I had simply interacting with these images again. Because there were so many and they were all saved in digital form, I hadn't looked at them at all since we had first gotten them, other than the 100 or so that were printed in my album. Just as I pull my album off the shelf time and time again, I can see myself sitting down with a friend and paging through these binders. I'm looking forward to cherishing these images for years to come.

Photo Credits:
Wedding Photography by Dylan & Robyn Buyskes of OnionStudio.net
All other images by George Campos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Opening Reception - ICELAND 2014, photography by Elizabeth Lambert Mararian

Please join us for the opening reception of ICELAND 2014, featuring photography by Elizabeth Lambert Mararian. The opening event is this Friday from 6-9pm at iPrintfromHome.

Find out more: facebook.com/event

What:  ICELAND 2014, featuring photography by Elizabeth Lambert Mararian

When: Friday, September 26th, 6-9pm

Where: iPrintfromHome.com 
2630 Elmwood Ave, Suite #2
Kenmore, NY 14217

This event is free and open to the public.

Monday, September 8, 2014

3rd Annual Open House & Customer Appreciation Party

Please join us for our 3rd Annual Open House & Customer Appreciation Party!

Find out more: www.facebook.com/iPrintfromHome/events

*Free t-shirts for the frist 30 guests

*Door Prizes (including a $100 gift card to iPrintfromHome.com) *Facility Tours *Gallery Show *Complimentary Snacks & Drinks *Flying Bison on tap

Pick up your copy of the new 2014 Paper Sampler & Calibration Kit. And, check out the featured images in our gallery display.

Free & Open to the Public. Please share this event & invite your friends!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


the iPrintfromHome.com team

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Introduction to Digital Photography, workshop taught by Mary Lou Frost

  • Review how to use your digital camera.
  • Learn how to process your images on a computer.
  • Learn how to print at various sizes.
Improve Your Photographic Skills

When: Monday evenings, October 6, 13, 20, & 27 from 6:30-8:80 pm

Where: iPrintfromHome.com
            2630 Elmwood Ave Suite #2
            (entrance on Shepard)
            Kenmore, NY 14217

Cost: $40 for the 8 hour course
         Includes $5 in iPrintfromHome.com credit to print class assignments

To Register: Contact Mary Lou Frost at mlfrost@verizon.net 

The instructor, Mary Lou Frost, is a retired teacher who has been presenting digital photography workshops in the Buffalo and Colorado areas. She is known for meeting students at their level, and helping them to become more skillful photographers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Opening Reception: ArtS Work for Autism Services Inc. - Arts Enrichment Show

Please join us for the opening reception of ArtS Work for Autism Services Inc. - Arts Enrichment Show, featuring work from the children's art program. The opening event is this Friday from 5-8pm at iPrintfromHome.

Find out more: facebook.com/event

What:  ArtsWork for Autism Services Inc. “Arts Enrichment Show”, featuring work from the Children’s Art Program

When: Friday, July 18th, 5-8pm

Where: iPrintfromHome.com 
2630 Elmwood Ave, Suite #2
Kenmore, NY 14217

Roaming Buffalo Food Truck. Music by “No Words Spoken”. Complimentary refreshments. This event is free and open to the public.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to Upload Images from Your Mobile Device

To get started, go to iPrintfromHome.com from any web browser on your phone.  You will automatically be directed to the mobile version of our site.  If you are a new user, click on "New User" to create an account.  If you already have an account, click on "Existing Customers" where you will be directed to log in.  Once you have logged in or created an account, follow these steps to upload your images:

1. Click on "Add Photos"

2. Choose a New Album or Existing Album. 
Then click "Proceed".

3. Click "Select Photos"

4. Select 1 or more images and then click "Done" 

  5. Wait for your images to load. This could take some time, 
depending on how many images you selected. 
Once you see them listed, click on "Start Upload".

6. Once the upload is complete, you will land on a 
screen that looks like this where you can submit an order.

At this point, you have successfully uploaded your images to your account.  You can go ahead and submit an order now from your mobile device, finish the order from any computer, or place an order at a later date. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY Photo Cards

This time of year always seems to flash right by. We go from seemingly endless winters to making the spring/summer transition in the blink of any eye...well, unless you're in the Rockies, where it is apparently still winter.  

We're on the brink of graduation and wedding season, which means graduation announcements, save-the-dates and lots of thank you cards. Have you thought of designing your own? Funnel those creative energies and make a photo card that people will cherish for years to come. Check out this article we posted a little while back. You'll get to see some announcements that I (sara) made for my wedding, many of which are still hanging on the fridges in my friends' and family's homes. http://www.iprintfromhome.com/photocards

Friday, May 2, 2014

Opening Reception: "/ˈhī(ə)ˌrärkē/" by Alana Adetola Fajemisin

Please join us for the opening reception of "/ˈhī(ə)ˌrärkē/" (hierarchy), featuring work by Alana Adetola Fajemisin. The opening event is this Friday from 6-9pm at iPrintfromHome.

Find out more: facebook.com/event

About Alana:
Alana Adetola Fajemisin is a native of Buffalo, New York. She received a dual Bachelor’s degree from the State University at Buffalo with a concentration in Fine Arts Painting & Art History.

Her masterfully created oil paintings deal with issues focused around social stratification and the climbing of the social hierarchy ladder performed by physical dominance as well as social interactions. Her paintings often portray coordinated responses to the environmental stimuli that allow us to more effectively interact with our surroundings.

Alana is currently working towards her Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies with a concentration in Education and Community Engagement. She has worked as the Community Programs Coordinator for Main (St)udios and currently works as a Freelance Oil Painter and Portrait Photographer from her attic-studio. Alana also curates quarterly exhibitions for one of Buffalo’s leading restaurants, Kaydara Noodle Bar, located in downtown Buffalo.

She was a three time recipient of the Morrison Scholarship Award while attending UB. Her oil paintings have found homes within the collections of The Vault Arthaus, formally located in downtown Buffalo, as well as a number of personal local, regional and international collections.

Fajemisin’s work has been included in group exhibitions at The Burchfield Penney Arts Center, The UB Center for the Arts, The UB Anderson Gallery, The Buffalo Arts Studio, 464 Art Gallery, The Vault Arthaus, Kaydara Noodle Bar, Filigrees Gallery & Boutique, Spot Coffee, El Beuno Amigo, The Czurles-Nelson Gallery, The Silo City grain elevators, The Niagara Arts and Cultural Center, The Avant Building, Main (St)udios, and downtown Buffalo’s very ownArtspace Lofts.

She has held solo exhibitions at 464 Gallery, Filigrees Gallery & Boutique, Iprintfromhome, and Spot Coffee on Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo. Alana also participated as a fine arts painting exhibitor at the 2013 Fourteenth Annual Elmwood Festival of the Arts.

Alana’s work has been published in Buffalo’s Artvoice magazine, Buffalo Rising, The State University at Buffalo’s Spectrum magazine as well as The Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts’ Annual Brochures.

Complimentary snacks and drinks. Free and open to the public. Please feel free to share this event.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!


the iPrintfromHome.com team

Who: Solo Show by Alana Adetola Fajemisin

What: Opening Reception for "/ˈhī(ə)ˌrärkē/"
When: Friday, May 9th from 6-9pm
Where: iPrintfromHome.com
2630 Elmwood Ave.(entrance on Shepard)
Kenmore, NY 14217

Monday, April 21, 2014

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 'What, How, Why' Interview Series

At iPrintfromHome.com, we work with artists and photographers from across the United States and Canada. We're inspired everyday by the images that they send to us and by the stories they share.

A few years ago, we started our "What, How, Why" interview series so that we could take a closer look at some of these fascinating people and share their stories with you. 

We ask each participating artist or photographer three simple questions:

1. What do you do?
2. How do you do it?
3. Why do you use iPrintfromHome.com?

Click here to read previously published interviews.

We're writing to you today to invite you to submit.  If you would like to be considered for this feature, please e-mail us with answers to the above quoted questions. Please also be sure to give us permission to review the images in your account. If we're interested in featuring your story, we'll contact you to let you know.

Looking forward to reviewing your submissions!


the iPrintfromHome.com team

Monday, April 7, 2014

Call for submissions: Art Show Listing

Are you showing your work?  Let us help you promote it!

Each month, we post a listing of art shows in which our customers are participating.  We promote this listing in all of our eNewsletters.  We usually send 2-4 eNewsletters each month.  We encourage you to submit your art show so that we can list it and help spread the word.  There is no charge associated with this service.

To see the April listings, please go to: www.iprintfromhome.com/artshows/artShows.asp

For more information, please go to: www.iprintfromhome.com/artshows/artshowcurator.asp

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

the iPrintfromHome.com team