Monday, April 7, 2014

Call for submissions: Art Show Listing

Are you showing your work?  Let us help you promote it!

Each month, we post a listing of art shows in which our customers are participating.  We promote this listing in all of our eNewsletters.  We usually send 2-4 eNewsletters each month.  We encourage you to submit your art show so that we can list it and help spread the word.  There is no charge associated with this service.

To see the April listings, please go to:

For more information, please go to:

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

the team

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Opening Reception: "A Matter of Perspective" by Matt Daggett

Please join us for the opening reception of "A Matter of Perspective" featuring photography by Matt Daggett. The opening event is this Friday from 6-9pm at iPrintfromHome.

Find out more:

From Matt:
As an artist I explore and embrace a simplistic view of the world around us. I invite the viewer to enjoy my perspective and see how magnificent, powerful and beautiful the simplest things can be. Every person has a unique perspective and by sharing with each other we gain an appreciation and respect for each individual and interesting view point. I invite you to enjoy my perspective on life and hope to broaden yours in the process.

Complimentary snacks and drinks. Free and open to the public. Please feel free to share this event.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

the team

Who: Solo Show by Matt Daggett
What: Opening Reception for "A Matter of Perspective"
When: Friday, March 28th from 6-9pm
2630 Elmwood Ave.(entrance on Shepard)
Kenmore, NY 14217

Monday, February 24, 2014

Opening Reception: "bygone times" by Shawn Kosmala

Please join us for the opening reception of "bygone times" featuring photography by Shawn Kosmala. The opening event is this Thursday from 6-9pm at iPrintfromHome.

Find out more:

From Shawn:
bygone times is a sampling of a collection of photographs that represents the remains of Buffalo and Western New York’s past. Many of these images are of Buffalo’s treasures from its heyday. Central Terminal and the Grain Silos are two of these iconic treasures. As I walk through these spaces, study their details, and photograph them, I think about whether these historical sites will continue to be preserved for future generations or will the wind and weather help Mother Nature reclaim her land. Then there are other sites, such as the natural gas wells of the Southern Tier; I personally would love for Mother Nature to reclaim this land. This fight between nature and man is the underlying theme that can be seen in this collection of images. The beauty that this fight brings is what draws me to this urban decay.

Complimentary snacks and drinks. Free and open to the public. Please feel free to share this event.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

the team

Who: Solo Show by Shawn Kosmala
What: Opening Reception for "bygone times"
When: Thursday, February 27th from 6-9pm
2630 Elmwood Ave.(entrance on Shepard)
Kenmore, NY 14217

Love is in the Air - part 4

Thank you for making this "Love is in the Air" campaign such a success. We're sending out "Thank You Dollars" every day. And we're gaining Facebook fans at a pretty good clip.

(Click here to read about the $50 credits we'll be giving out at the beginning of March)

In this last installment, we want to tell you about a couple tools you can use to spread the word about and fill up those "Thank You Dollars" accounts.

Request a Custom Link
We would be happy to provide you with a custom link to post on your website, blog, Facebook page, etc. The link will contain tracking information so that we can automatically credit you for any new customers who come to our site and register as a result of clicking on your link.

To request a link for your website, please click here to send us an e-mail.

Give $10, Get $12
When you recommend our services to your friends, let them know about our New Customer PromotionAll new accounts created at are eligible for a $10 account credit.

Remember, for each person that you send to, you can earn up to $12.00 in account credit.  Give $10, Get $12.

Tell your friends to enter “TWEET-your name” (i.e. Tweet-Jane Doe) in the registration box when they create their accounts. This way we can give you credit for the referral (see "Thank You Dollars" program) and give your friend the $10 new customer credit.

As always, thank you for your support of!

the team

P.S. If you haven't done so already, make sure enter our $50 credit giveaway by noon on February 28th!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! Love is in the Air - part 3

It has been such pleasure working with you. We just can't get enough. Thank you for your support of!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sara, George and the team

P.S. Don't forget to enter our giveaway!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Enter to Win: Love is in the Air - part 2

As part of our "Love is in the Air" celebration, we're running a special promotion to thank our Facebook fans. During the first two weeks of March, we will award one $50 account credit every weekday to one of our Facebook fans. The winner will be chosen randomly and you can only win once, but you can earn up to five entries by completing the actions below. Remember to enter by February 28th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entries will be accepted through noon EST on February 28th. Winners will be selected at random every weekday (Monday-Friday) during the first two weeks of March (March 3-14). We will contact winners directly by e-mail. Good luck!

Not on Facebook? You can earn up to $12 in account credit any time you want, just by getting one of your friends to sign up at Check out our "Thank You Dollars" program.

We'll start awarding the $50 credits on March 3rd. Make sure to enter by noon EST on February 28th.

As always, thank you for your continued support of!

the team

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love is in the Air - part 1

We couldn't be happier about the fact that you share your stories about your experiences with our company in your blog entries, on your Facebook pages and in your conversations with friends and family. Not only are you helping us help more people, but you're also allowing us to spend more of our time working on improving our products and services, rather than spending time and money on traditional advertising.

During the month of February, we like to take the opportunity to say "THANK YOU!" for all of your help and also to remind you of some of the programs we have in place to help facilitate the work you do to spread the word about us.

Starting with this one, we're going to send you an eNewsletter each week in February, highlighting different aspects of our "Thank You Dollars" program. First, we'd like to start out with a simple description of the program itself:

Thank You Dollars Program
At, we run a "Thank You Dollars" program where we award current customers iPrintfromHome account credit for referring new customers.

If you send us a new customer, you will earn $2 in "Thank You Dollars" when your friend creates an account at and enters your name in the "Referred by" entry box. You will receive another $10 when they place their first order. As you earn "Thank You Dollars," they will be automatically deposited into your account and you will receive notification by email. Basically, it boils down to $12 in account credit for each customer that you send to, which you can then apply towards future orders.

This program runs all the time and there are no limits to how many Thank You Dollars you can earn. Ambassador Center
Once you start successfully referring customers, we'll send you an e-mail invitation to become an official Ambassador. As an Ambassador, you can take advantage of various tools we've made available to help you spread the word about and you'll get sneak peeks on promotions and new products. For more information about our Ambassadors Program, please click here.

As always, thank you for your support of! And, many thanks for your help spreading the word about our services.

the team

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Opening Reception: "Transition" by Rich Tomasello

Please join us for the opening reception of "Transition" featuring work by Rich Tomasello. The opening event is this Wednesday from 6-9pm at iPrintfromHome.

Find out more:

From Rich:
Transition aims to visually document the path my work has taken over the past four years.

My earlier work consisted of pastel and ink wash drawings that featured two recurring figures: one with a bandaged head (the hero non-conformist) and the other with a rhino horn (the violent and oppressive). This work, inspired by concepts in the play Rhinoceros of conformity and violence in society was deeply personal to me. The work connected with some viewers in ways I had not expected. It became personal for them too. As more people shared their stories of power struggles, masculinity, or bullying, my old wounds of experiencing physical and verbal violence firsthand began to heal. It was a bit therapeutic.

In 2012, my Rhinoceros pen and ink drawings of factory made rhinos and packages bearing the rhino label, transitioned to a completely new and different path of art materials and media. Last year, I began using Photoshop to create detailed and authentic packaging for action figures and sculptures. Some of these figures are appropriately branded “Rhino Toys”. In these new works I was worried less about how to fit them into the Rhinoceros mold of bandages and horns, and more focused on the issue or topic they addressed. These works were made in direct response to school shootings, Syrian conflict, gender roles, and other current events. Gas masks, soldiers, quarantined children, and absurd or violent toys became new vehicles for the recurring themes that have always been present in my work, that of power, or the lack thereof. In essence, the work became more universal and I hope, equally as visceral.

Complimentary snacks and drinks. Free and open to the public. Please feel free to share this event.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

the team

Who: Solo Show by Rich Tomasello
What: Opening Reception for "Transition"
When: Wednesday, January 29th from 6-9pm
2630 Elmwood Ave.(entrance on Shepard)
Kenmore, NY 14217

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex 2014 Special

In honor of the Polar Vortex and the first blizzard warning in Western New York over 20 years, we are running a one day special for all you folks stuck inside today.

We are offering a 14% discount on any order placed before midnight tonight that totals at least $20.14 (not including shipping).  Limited to one discount order per customer.  To get your discount, please follow the instructions below.

1. Place an order totaling a at least $20.14 (not including shipping) at by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. 
2. IMMEDIATELY after placing your order, send us an e-mail (here) with "Polar Vortex 2014" in the body of the e-mail. 
3. Once we receive your e-mail, we will adjust your order total to account for your 14% discount.

Warm wishes,
the team

Monday, January 6, 2014

Shutterbug Magazine Release Event featuring Phil Pantano's 'The American Worker'

Phil Pantano's photographic series "The American Worker" is the featured cover story in the February 2014 issue of Shutterbug Magazine.  The series tells the story of the hard work and service that goes into The American Dream.

Please join us to celebrate the magazine release and to see the photographic series on display.

From Phil: The February 2014 Issue of Shutterbug Magazine will be featuring a story on my photo series "The American Worker". Shutterbug is devoting 5 pages and publishing 12 of the images from the series. On top of that my photo "The Artist" with Sean Madden is being displayed on the cover. The story was written by my friend Jim Corbran.

About Shutterbug Magazine: "Shutterbug is the leading photo and imaging magazine for advanced amateur, semipro and professional photographers, and all who relate to their photography as a serious and meaningful part of their lives. Each month, Shutterbug reports on the latest tools and techniques, as well as provides creative inspiration for a wide range of photographic interests, from portraiture to the digital darkroom. Shutterbug is written by leading experts in the field – by photographers for photographers – and is dedicated to helping photographers enhance their creative potential."

What: Shutterbug Magazine Release Event featuring Phil Pantano's 'The American Worker'
When: Friday, Januray 10th from 6-9pm
2630 Elmwood Ave.(entrance on Shepard)
Kenmore, NY 14217